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  1. Could someone help me locate the file to view the new stress and displacement values for the final iteration of my model after topology. Here is the list of files generated.
  2. Hi, I am new to hyperworks and fail to understand why to adjust and define the parameters for quality checks (eg jacobian, element length, warpage, max angle etc.) Can anyone explain how changing the default tolerances will effect the quality of my mesh and how i should justify these parameters? For example what is the benefit of changing the min/ max element length?
  3. Hello tinh, thanks for the reply, at this moment i am a novice user at university. I would imagine it would normally be supported by a bolt or a pin joint as rotation is not constrained but this has not been specified in the problem. Only that the structure is constrained in this corner and we are unable to modify the geometry. Would it be advisable to spread the load over the edge nodes of this corner?
  4. I am creating an SPC acting on a single node ath the bottom left corner of my model to constrain translation in x, y and z direction and when i run analysis i get a stress concentration or singularity at this position. My question is, what is the best way to avoid this high stress acting over a single node? Here is an image of my results.
  5. HI Pranav, Here is the driver information
  6. Thanks for the reply, Unfortunatley these options did not help me.
  7. I didnt see my graphics card on this list so i believe it is not compatible? Here is the error i see.
  8. Hi, I have recently installed Hyperworks 17 student edition on my laptop but after running the analysis i am unable to view the results due to what i believe is a graphics issue. I am currently running an integrated Nvida Geforce 940mx which i have confirmed is fully updated to the latest drivers. Can anyone confirm if this is compatible with the hyperworks software and advise a solution to my issue? Thanks,
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