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  1. Hi, I couldn't find information about which algorithm is used in HyperStudy, for multiobjective optimization method. This information is available? If not using NSGA-II, how can we embed this method into the program? Thanks in advance
  2. Dear Rahul, I understood the source of the problem. The problem is that shape vectors move linearly. As you can see, it is true when the shape multiplier is 1, but when I define the shape multiplier as 3, the shape is wrong. The handles of the part move along the shape vectors instead of rotating around the center. I think I can solve this problem if I can define shape vectors as cylindrical instead of linear. Finally, how can I define the shape vector cylindrical? I
  3. Yes, symmetry can be applied in the model. This model is a section fo the twistbeam and I want to see deformations of the beam I when to apply moments opposite direction. And I want to see effects of the orientation of the beam.
  4. Hi, I give the radius value in the corners, and the component direction separately as shapes. I will use these shapes as DOE in Hyperstudy. But when I change the two shapes at the same time, a useless shape like the one in figure 'radiusandrotatecombined' appears. How can I design a proper shape by correcting this situation? Thank you, rotateandradius.hm
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