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  1. hi gys i have aproblem with optistruct. i'm doing a modal analysis but it gives me the folowing error " *** See next message about line 74 from file: C:/Users/francesco/Desktop/tank200L_correcteted.fem "GRID 2083 -657.01746.2322 1305.261" *** ERROR # 1020 *** in the input data: Missing BEGIN BULK or line before BEGIN BULK has trailing comma. how can i solve the problem? it is a simply eigen value problem analysis. tank200L_correcteted.fem tank200L_correcteted.hm tank200L_correcteted_001.out
  2. it works nut i need to have an excell file with all load case that i'm able to manage
  3. Hi guys i performed a modal analysis in hypermesh but i'm not able to extract a table with all natural frequency and mode shape that i found. Is there any command that i need to apply in my imput file ? i uploaded my BFD file modal_added.bdf
  4. thanks but how can i extract h3d file from hyper graph ? i can't see any extraction options
  5. I'm a new hyperwork user so it's my first time in hyperview. I need to build a modal analysis plot and in y axis i need to have the maximum displcement while in "x" axsis value of each frequancy. I'm not able to select the peack of each mode shape and also the frequancy values.
  6. How can i export a model built in optistruct as .fem file ? please show me all passages
  7. i will do it because it doesn't work also without rbe2 connections
  8. which type of elements will be deleted ? so what is your suggestion for this problem ?
  9. i'm giving you the file if you run it in nastran it gives fatal error 9002.2 (error in main bulk data section ). thanks in advance for your help 4feetheadsjunction(final) nastran.hm. My goal is modal analysis for that model.
  10. I build a mesh in hypermesh (nastran library) and i need to perform a modal analysis i used nastran solver but it didn't generate an .op2 file. No error message is displayed and i followed all the procedures.Moreover the op2 file is generated only for few seconds after it disappear. is that any solution of that ? in attach there are my nastran file and the report nastranfile.bdf nastranfile.log
  11. i don't know wht buy it doesn't work. this was my procedure: 1)i created two new components 2) i created two new properties but in property card i don't know how select the right surface (or better the elements in the surface that need to have 2.5 or 3mm thickness) so when with f10 i check if i assigned the right thickness it doesn't appear
  12. I have problem with thickness assign, i have only one mid- surface that comes from an assembly and i wanna assign different thicknesses to componets of this surfaces. is there a way to do it ? i created to different properties on my model folder.
  13. thank you for your help but i didn't solve this problem i need to link nodes from 1 to 6 with node from 8 to 13 that are in the same middle surface but they are two different components.
  14. i followed this procedure but it doesnt's work. I select the nodes and when i press create everything disappear.
  15. i wish to coonect" node to node" each element. But i'm not able to create a node list . how can i do? yes two componets have the same mesh size.
  16. Hello i'm having problems with rb2 connections i need to join different large surafaces and i wish to know if there is a tecnique that allow me to select different numbers of nodes and connect it to o the other surface. i will post an image to explain it. i wish to create a list of nodes and connect it to the other list
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