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  1. Thank you very mush!I use it to check a solid.It shows Intersections found.But how can i see the intersection facets?
  2. Hi,Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and efforts putting in helping others.There are some geometry errors in my solid model. I can only find some ways to detect and repair topology to do some geometry cleanup. The case is that there is no topology errors in my model, but other errors such as one surface penetrating another surface but maintaining correct topology(see figure1). I want to kown whether there are some ways to detect those errors. Thank you very much!!!
  3. Hi, I am the rookie of the tcl.I have some basic questions.But i can not find it in api document. Supposed i have a solid,which has many surfaces and lines. how to judge a surface is curve surface or flat surface? how to judge a line is curve line or flat line? For more,can i know the expression(formula) of surface(line)? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am the rookie of the tcl.I need your help. Suppose i have two parallel lines, how to create a surface,and these two lines are the edges of this surface? Thank you!!
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