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  1. Hello !!! I have an SCMR system (which contains 4 loops and two of them have lumped capacitances ) .. I am now trying to use the inscrutions on this linik but still not sure because the results are not coherent . The link: https://arsiconsultants.com/2018/07/23/using-lumped-components-feko/ Thank you
  2. Hello; I extracted the Z matrix from feko and now I want to extract the eigenvalues matrix . A friend of mijne told that the impedance matrix contains every think. Here I want to know how to extract the eigenvalues. BR
  3. Hi, In this article, the expression of the Q factor contains the eigencurrents and eigenvalues .. at least this is what I undrestood so can you please explain me how to extract them
  4. Hi, I am a biginner and not used to use feko. I have this article below calculating modal Q factor for antennas. I want to obtain those results in order to apply them on my works. So here; I have a lot of problems since the characteristic modes that were calculated are all non-radiating: 1- here ; the author is using an arlon substrate .. I"m not really sure if I made the right work .. 2- I want to excite the antenna with a coaxial cable. So I will be so thankfull if you can explain to me how to do it on feko 3- if I made other mistakes please indicate them .. Best Regards Ferdaous IFstar.bof IFstar.cfm IFstar.cfs IFstar.cfx IFstar.cfx.bak IFstar.fek IFstar.out IFstar.pre Calculation of the Total Q-Factor for Electrically.pdf
  5. hello... I want to create an altron substrate ... I only have its relative permittivity . So my question is how to create it and apply it to the considered element.
  6. I am a beginner on feko. I will calculate the Q factor of my antennas using matlab. After doing the simulation on feko; I just got 6 .mat files as you see. I wanted to understand why this 6 files and what they contain. I will be so thankf
  7. Hello, I'm getting started to use FEKO. I want to extract matrixes from feko in order to do some calculations in matlab. Here; since generating the feko file I obtain a set of 6 matrixes - f1.mat.0; f1.mat.1........f1.mat.5 . So I want to know why I am obtaining those files and what does they contain....
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