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  1. Thank you Rahul for the answer. I'm currently using Hyperview 2017 and I've asked output on bot CQUAD4 and CTRIA3 elements, but I'm not able to contour plot corner results. T&T 1284 is useful when using Hypergraph, but I don't understand how can be extended to Hyperview module. Can you explain better the solutions? Thank you again, Giulio
  2. Hi, I'm doing a frequency response analysis (NASTRAN SOL 111) asking stress in both plate and solid elements. The concern is that when I plot Von Mises conour in Hyperview, the calculated value derive only from the combination of the real part of the stress tensor components and not from the magnitude ones. Moreover I am not able to plot corner results in plate elements, but only in solid ones. Why? Can someone help me? Thanks!
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