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  1. It's possible to launch Activate in batch from Compose and eventually get data back to Compose (for example .MAT file) once that Activate run. In this way we can combine the key capabilities of Activate (easy-modeling of systems) and Compose (heavy Post-Processing)! Look at this example! Here is what you need to do: 1) change the extension from .txt to .bat 2) in the .bat file insert the right path of "Activate_batch.bat" and "Slave2019.scm " in your computer 3) Run "Master.oml" Activate Batch.zip
  2. L Moretti

    Calculate the sum of a series

    Hi Dung, you can try this: clc, clear Sum = 0; for k=1:100000 Sum = 1/k^2 + Sum; end
  3. L Moretti

    Unknown value using compose

    Hi Arul, you can try this script. find_zero.oml
  4. L Moretti

    How to

    Hi Christian, I think the only way is to do it in Phyton (through evalphytonfile function). I guess you have already done it in Python (contour plot with lines). Isn't it? Have you used evalphytonfile function? Lorenzo
  5. L Moretti

    Animated plot in 2D

    If someone will be asked if it is possible to generate animated plots with Compose, the answer is "Yes, sure!" Try the attached script, which draws the root locus and the homogeneous response of a mass, spring, damper system with varying damping ratio. animated_plot.oml
  6. L Moretti

    FFT 3D plot

    Let's assume that there is a curve f(a, t) in time domain and we apply FFT to the function, assigning values to a (like a=a1, a2, a3, . . . ., an). Then, as a result we can get n FFT curves in frequency domain, F1(a1,f), F2(a2,f), F3(a3,f), . . . , Fn(an,f). We want to plot those FFT curves in a 3D plot which has frequency as x axis, "a" as y axis and FFT magnitude as z axis. Can it be done? Of course yes!!! This is what we get with the enclosed script: fft_3D.oml