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  1. Hi tinh, thank you for your fast reply. Unfortunately, i get an error from the last line... It is the line: puts "Avg pressure at step $i = [expr 1.0*[set SumP$i]/$Count]" I don´t understand this error. There are no characters??? Is it also possible to write for "1 2 3 4 5" in "foreach i {1 2 3 4 5}" a variable $number_time_steps? This would be important because i have always different numbers of time steps (50-100 steps). Thank you very much! Michael
  2. Hi tinh, thank you for your reply. With lappend i create a list, but i want to calculate the average. I would like to calulate the sum of the pressure of every first time steps [(p11+p12+p13)/3] , the sum of every second time steps [(p12+p22+p32)/3], the sum of the third time steps [(p13+23+33)/3], and so on... Do you know what i meaning? Perhaps this Problem could be solved with Loops? Thank you and best regards Michael
  3. Hi guys, i have a problem to calculate the average of some results with a tcl script. Perhaps someone could help me here. I export from HyperGraph pressure results of some nodes of a transient simulation (normally i export 20-50 nodes with 50-100 time steps). A simple example can you see in the following excel picture. Before the comma, there is the time step, after the comma the pressure. The differnt nodes are seprate by an empty raw. (In this example there a three nodes) How can i add the different pressures, to get the average pressure of all nodes? I think the first step is, to spilt every raw by the comma. The following picture shows my current script. I think "append" is not the right command for this problem. Has anyone a proposal??? Thank you and best regards Michael test.csv Average_curve.tcl
  4. mkress


    Hallo ydigit, thank you for your reply. You are rigth it wasn´t the script. I have found the problem, it was the mesh. I had to much bad elements inside. What are your settings under "check Elements" for CFD Surface meshing? Could you tell me what points i should consider for CFD-meshing?
  5. mkress


    Hi Guys, i get a solver error that i don´t understand. Does anyone knows the reason for this error? I think it is a Problem with a function... I solve a multiphase Problem. Perhaps it is the Water volume fraction scipt. The script is: value=0 if (z<0.0):value=1 The script describes that everything under the z-Level "0" should be water. But i can´t see any mistake here... (Z-Level=0 is in the middle of the geometry) Thank you very much!
  6. Hey guys, i have simulated a tank with mutiphase and a water level inside the tank. Now i want animate this simulation. Does anybody know how i can display the water movements inside the tank in AcuFieldView? (in 3D, not only one surface) Until now i have set the tank-wall in "Boundary Surface" on a Transparency level of 62.5%. But i don´t know how i could display the water level inside. Thank you for your help! Michael
  7. mkress

    Error import model

    Hallo acupro, thank you for your Reply. You are right, it is the wrong unit. It must be "mm". The source of the original is from CAD, it is a step file of a tank. I want to simulate a slosh-test in AcuSolve. I followed your proposal and meshed the surcface and the volume in HM. the Surface with element type "mixed". the Volume of the tank with CFD tetramesh. The Export with Nastran (.bdf File) works and i can open the model in AcuConsole, thank you for that! I have also tried an direct export to AcuConsole (.inp File). But when i execute this export i get an error which i don´t undersand. Could you help me with this error? Is that an better way to Export the model from HM to AcuConsole? Kind regards Michael
  8. mkress

    Error import model

    Hallo acupro, thank you for your reply. But now i get an other error while the import: Here are my settings for Export and Import the parasolid file. Export in HM: Import in AcuSolve: Should i Change something in my Settings? Kind regards Michael
  9. mkress

    Error import model

    Hey guys, i have problems to impot a model geometry in AcuConsole. When i import my Parasolid File (.x_t) i get the following error: What could i do to solve this Problem? Should i change something in my model? Kind regards Michael
  10. mkress

    A solver file missing in altair hyperworks

    Hi Rahul, i have the same problem. You can export the model with "Export Solver Deck". After that you open AcuConsole, import the model and solve it there.
  11. Hello thin, thank you for your reply, the variable is a .csv file which i created with the script "create_force_constraints.tcl ". After that i would like to open the file with the script " temp_in_fem.tcl ". Both scripts starts with a button in the utility menu. Is it possible that the error related to the memory of Hypermesh? Perhaps the scripts are still running? I want to close the script " temp_in_fem.tcl " with the command "exit" at the end of the script. Perhaps i should use an other command? Kind regards Michael
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for a command to close or delete a variable totally. I got the problem that when I'm trying to run my script for the second time this error is occuring: This is the file in which the error is occuring: temp_in_fem.tcl Before starting this script the sample.scv file is created in this file: create_force_constraints.tcl I guess the variable is still saved somewhere in hypermesh and thus it can be deleted totally. I'm looking forward to your ideas. Kind regards Michael
  13. Hi guys, my script reads a document and afterwards manipulates every line of it. step by step, every line is written into an outfile. "while {[gets $data lines] >=0} { ….. set outfile [open $path/report.txt a+] ... if {![regexp {N/A} $field2]} { …. puts $outfile "[format $formatStr $a $b $field1 [format "%.1f" $dif_temp]]" } close $outfile }" Now I want to put every lines in a variable, that I don´t need the outfile. But with “set” I have only the last line of the loop in the variable. set var "[format $formatStr $a $b $field1 [format "%.1f" $dif_temp]]" Could anyone help me there?