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  1. Hello, I wondered, if there is an option of real rigids in Hypermesh/Optistruct. I use RBE2 as rigid definition but this seems to fix the nodes and not to make the elements rigid. Would be nice if I get a reply
  2. Hello Rahul, thanks for your answer. I see the problem with with the free edges but is this also the problem I experience? I can´t really imagine how free edges could effect the model in the way they seem to do.
  3. Hello everyone. I got some pretty strange behaviour of my Solution. 1. The canister seems to float away since the displaced surface at the bottom belongs to the canister 2. The canister itself moves up/down to the plates. In fact it stretches against the plates. general Model: I try to simulate the pressure of the upper plate on the canister, which is limited by the solid lower plate. The Model file is in the attachement. Thanks for your help P.S.: I'm pretty much a beginner in Hypermesh/Optistruct 1mmModelV1.hm
  4. Hi, I am just simulating a canister which should be pressed together by two plates. The lower plate should be rigid and should have a proper position. The upper plate should move downwards (~50 mm). Now I am getting the following Error: *** ERROR # 1904 *** SURFACE 4 refers to element 363732 of incorrect type. The Surface 4 is the Canister. Element 363732 does not seem to be existent. The Model File is attached. I've tried to overcome the error but did not find anything. Please be patient with me since I'm an absolute beginner to Hypermesh and Optistruct. Thanks for your help 1mmModelV1.hm EDIT: Both Meshes are Shells, it is not the Solid-Shell-Error mentioned in this forum before EDIT #2: I think I got it but ran into another strange Problem. I will make a new thread for it. The Solution was, that I turned "FACE_FORMAT" on for the curved(!) Canister. I think the geometry let the problems occurr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Closed----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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