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  1. hello, I´m looking for a script to rename just a part in the middle of a component name "-x-" to a number added by a popup window "-1-" for example. I really don´t know if is really possible. Anybody can help me? Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot This is exactly that I was looking for.
  3. Hello, someone knows how to write a tcl to rename all the components to lowercase If not.. is it possible to export a summary file in lowercase? Thanks!
  4. Tinh, thank you so much for your help!!! Best regards!
  5. Hello again, First of all, many thanks for your reply. I'm trying to do something like this: *createmark components 1 "by name" {lsearch -all -inline -glob [hm_entitylist comps name]*ext} *showentitybymark 1 I've done tcl with simple commands, I've never used lists ... I would appreciate your help again
  6. Hello, I want to look for components whose name ends in *ext (as when we search strings in the top of model browser) I need to show only the results components. Thanks!
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