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  1. Dear Tinh, Thank you so much for your information, it worked well on my model. Have a nice day.
  2. Dear Tinh, Thank you so much for your response. However seem we can not take the material.name from Components, I ran on my model the return result for material is NA, if I change to material.id the return value is 0. Currently, I can get the material.name from property.id hm_getvalue props id=$PropsId dataname=material.name Could you please have a check on it?
  3. Dear all, I am studying writing tcl code to speed up modeling model, Currently, I want to check Properties Name and Material Name of all Components in model. Input model: *.inp (Abaqus form) Now, from Comps > find Properties ID > Material ID Then, take Name from Properties and Material ID Are there any faster way to get the Properties Name and Material Name directly from Comps ID? Thank you so much.
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