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  1. Good Afternoon All Can anyone please tell me that which software used for High Frequency content.
  2. Sir I tried with autospec yes but still facing the same problem. When I open the model in hyperview (animation), i found that the constraints at each hanger (dof 1-6) are not working. But when I see it in hypermesh DOFs are correctly defined.
  3. Sir if I off this orphan node, Is rigid body removes from my analysis?
  4. Sir if I off this orphan node, Is rigid body removes from my analysis?
  5. Goodmorning All Preprocessor/Post Processor - Hypermesh/ HYPERVIEW Solver - msc nastran I am doing normal mode analysis of exhaust system that is constrained in all DOF. I have cleared all preserved node. But still in HYPERVIEW when I am seeing the output orphan Nodes are coming. As I have already told that my system is constrained still rigid modes are coming. Can anyone help me to resolve orphan Nodes error.
  6. Thankyou for reply Sir. But i still don't understand the meaning of timestep position. Can you tell me for which analysis what animation type should use. Like Modal Analysis, FRF Analysis, Resonance Stress Analysis, Static Load Analysis.
  7. Software - HYPERVIEW What is the Difference between Transient, Modal & Linear Animation Mode? (refer attachment)
  8. Instead of recording video using hyperview. Simply open any blank power point presentation & select option video recording. Then open hyperview, it will autmatically start recording the animation & record until you stop that. It is the best way to capture video in hyperview.
  9. Thxu mam for this help. But can you please show this with example. As I tried it but not getting.
  10. Sir how to plot between Dynamic MinMax Result value versus Frequency
  11. Hi Sir I tried the same. But still my problem is not solved. The video is making but of 0 seconds.
  12. Sir it is a sheet metal component i.e., Exhaust System
  13. Means upto 2 mm thickness I can use value of any of layer?
  14. Sir can you please tell if I have a set of elements for Static load analysis and want to calculate von misses stress. Which layer should I use? As I am new to it I don know
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