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  1. Thank you, Rahul! The document was helpful. I have tried out to set DOPTPRM, PNORM , 1 it means that the stress-norm calulates the average of the stress values divided by the response constraint value. The constraint value is 50, and the von mises result of the 2 choosen elements in the iteration 0 was 68.86 and 38.26 (from the results) so the stress norm value should be (68.86/50+38.26/50)/2=1.0712 , but in the output file this value is 1.377. Can you explain me the difference? I have attached, the *.hm file, so you can check it. Thank you again! CSR dresp1_simp.hm
  2. Hy, I would like to calculate a special safety value from stress responses, and using it in topology optimization. The test of this calculation is started with a simple problem. DRESP1 case 1: - constaint: DRESP1 (von mises stress response, one selected element) - objective: DRESP1 volume DRESP2 case 1: - only response: DRESP1 (von mises stress response, one selected element) - constaint: DRESP2, (equation response) is calculated the following equation a(x)=x and using the DRESP1 von mises response - objective: DRESP1 volume In this case the changes on design variables are the same, and the results are the same. Than i changed the response element quantity to 2 and the DRESP1 and DRESP2 case results are different I have tried to change constraint screening, nothing has changed I have tried to look on sensitivity values, but no stress values included in *.asens files or *_topol.h3d files I have tried to compare it with displacement response/constraint and they are good, so the DRESP1 and DRESP2 with 2 response nodes has the same results. Is this problem connected to Stress-NORM aggregation ? How can i turn ON Stress-NORM aggregation in DRESP2 case? How can i examine the stress response sensitivities? Did i miss someting in the setup? I have attached the 2 different *.hm and *.fem files Thanks, CSR dresp1_simp.fem dresp1_simp.hm dresp2_simp.fem dresp2_simp.hm
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