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  1. Dear users! I have one problem when solving static analysis of 2D plate model As you can see, the setting of analysis with 3 components Var 6-1, DS, Var6-3. Everything seem be fine because the process of solving is done without any warning. But when I open results analysis in hyperwork, only component Var6-3 appear, the other 2 components DS + Var6-1 disappeared from result. Can you please give me some suggest for this problem? Thanks you in advance!
  2. Dear friends, I'm looking for a mechanical structure which can applied combine method of topology and size/shape optimization. In many references, the common is truss/beam structure, which can use good for academic research. I mean that the structure highly practical for manufacturing, especially for additive manufacturing. Hoping someone could take some time to give me some suggestion/advice. Thanks!
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