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  1. Hi, I have two type of optimization of the same 3D model in OptiStruct. The first is a topological structural optimization and the second is a topological thermal optimization. The results are in two different sessions of HyperView. How can I combine the results of these? Thanks!
  2. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Unfortunatley there are a lot of this not enclosed zones and I can't adjust these.
  3. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Thanks Pooja S, I make the tria-mesh on the surfaces(2d) but after this the solid mesh (tetramesh) isn't available because "the mesh is not enclosed".
  4. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Pooja S, My structure is more complex. I create two different mesh with "shrink wrap" and this is a part of my model. There are two components: lattice part (that needs precise mesh) and massive part (that needs rought mesh). How can i merge the two part? meshing.hm
  5. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Unfortunately, this way creates uniform mesh (tetra elements similar in dimension, i try with 0.01 minimum tet collapse) and collapse the details of the lattice region. Do you know other solutions?
  6. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Pooja S, how can i do this? Do you mean the collapse of the nodes?
  7. Andreabb

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi, I have a problem with a complex component (STL file) that contains different dimension of triangles because there are lattice regions and massive regions. Unfortunatley, i try to use the "shrink wrap" command, but this creates or little tretra-elements (and after the analysis is very expensive) or big elements(in this case i lose the details of reticular part). How can i do? I try to convert all the STL file in surfaces using "From FEA" in surface, but the result is a very irregular surface with a lot of hole. Thanks
  8. Andreabb

    Classic thermal compliance optimization

    Hey @Prakash Pagadala Can you share 2D or/and 3D sample generate thermal topology ? Thanks Best regards Andrea
  9. Thanks Rahul, the model works now, but i can not regulate the range of temperature of the final structure. Moreover, how can I obtain the tree like structure optimal shown? Is it possible?
  10. Hi Rahul, i can not setting this type of optimization with thermal compliance, can you control the errors in my model? I seen tutorial OS-E: 0880 and the forum about this problem.
  11. Hi, I am trying to do a topology optimization, refer to the following example. I have a design space(yellow) and a no design space(grey). In this last, there are a thermal flux(QBDY1) and a temperature(SPC) distribution. I want to make a topology optimization using the thermal compliance of the region of design space, because i want exclude the elements outside a fixed temperature range. I also attached my FEM file, for your reference. Topology_optimization_Tcompl.fem