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  1. Hi Yashwanth, how combine the loads in a single optimization run?
  2. Hi, I have two type of optimization of the same 3D model in OptiStruct. The first is a topological structural optimization and the second is a topological thermal optimization. The results are in two different sessions of HyperView. How can I combine the results of these? Thanks!
  3. Unfortunatley there are a lot of this not enclosed zones and I can't adjust these.
  4. Thanks Pooja S, I make the tria-mesh on the surfaces(2d) but after this the solid mesh (tetramesh) isn't available because "the mesh is not enclosed".
  5. Hi Pooja S, My structure is more complex. I create two different mesh with "shrink wrap" and this is a part of my model. There are two components: lattice part (that needs precise mesh) and massive part (that needs rought mesh). How can i merge the two part? meshing.hm
  6. Unfortunately, this way creates uniform mesh (tetra elements similar in dimension, i try with 0.01 minimum tet collapse) and collapse the details of the lattice region. Do you know other solutions?
  7. Hi Pooja S, how can i do this? Do you mean the collapse of the nodes?
  8. Hi, I have a problem with a complex component (STL file) that contains different dimension of triangles because there are lattice regions and massive regions. Unfortunatley, i try to use the "shrink wrap" command, but this creates or little tretra-elements (and after the analysis is very expensive) or big elements(in this case i lose the details of reticular part). How can i do? I try to convert all the STL file in surfaces using "From FEA" in surface, but the result is a very irregular surface with a lot of hole. Thanks
  9. Hey @Prakash Pagadala Can you share 2D or/and 3D sample generate thermal topology ? Thanks Best regards Andrea
  10. Thanks Rahul, the model works now, but i can not regulate the range of temperature of the final structure. Moreover, how can I obtain the tree like structure optimal shown? Is it possible?
  11. Hi Rahul, i can not setting this type of optimization with thermal compliance, can you control the errors in my model? I seen tutorial OS-E: 0880 and the forum about this problem.
  12. Hi, I am trying to do a topology optimization, refer to the following example. I have a design space(yellow) and a no design space(grey). In this last, there are a thermal flux(QBDY1) and a temperature(SPC) distribution. I want to make a topology optimization using the thermal compliance of the region of design space, because i want exclude the elements outside a fixed temperature range. I also attached my FEM file, for your reference. Topology_optimization_Tcompl.fem
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