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  1. passives Could you tell me were you found this information about the load distribution? It would be nice to be able to reference a document in my thesis.
  2. Hi, Have you made a Local coordinate system for the spring and then make the dof update for spring in the same direction of its axis. This should work I think.
  3. and also previously i used to have my models with same ID at that time they got solved, now i am facing the error
  4. Great! thank you.. Can I ask one more? When I import solver deck after I save the model before analysis, there is no node on hypermesh optistruct like pic 1. Is there no way to restore the nodes ?
  5. Hi, Could you please try h3d file for both model and result. Actually this is the most common way to view the analysis result from OptiStruct
  6. Probably AcuConsole. Not sure if the latest HyperMesh has the functionality yet. You could look in HyperMesh 2017.3.
  7. You can try with Optistruct- just import the .fem file and run either NLSTAT, NLGEOM, EXPDYN or IMPLDYN analysis.
  8. The software behaves in the same way in both Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  9. qweiczz

    Error # 23

    hello, not sure if you are still working on this or a similar job, but the main issue would be that either the load or constraint collector has not been assigned or you have mistakingly hidden the collector before you run the file. Cheers,
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