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  1. Hello everybody, I usually work in hyperform with applying motion to tools. Now the tool should apply a force. So I chose Kraft instead of Motion. However, the model will not run then. What can that be? Thank you!
  2. Hey together, i have a Problem in run Hyperform. In every model i run, i become the Error: WARNING IN HIERARCHY REFERENCE ... WARNING ID : 194 ** WARNING IN HIERARCHY REFERENCE DESCRIPTION : -- PART GROUP ID : 13 -- AMS parts.1 TITLE : PART REFERENCE TO UNEXISTING ID=2 The Model run´s, but what can i do, to perform it better? Thanks for help! Danny
  3. Hey all, firstly i am new in this Forum an i like working with Hyperworks. But sometimes it is a little bit difficult. I have a 3 point bending test and want to hold the ends of the tube firmly. So I prepared the model in hypermesh and then changed to hyperform. The boundary conditions are displayed in the container load collector. As soon as I execute the process, they are deleted again. What can I do? The modell is a shell. Thank you!
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