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  1. Hello, I am doing a CFD analysis and when I try to export my problem into acusolve I get a segmentation error. The segmentation error pops up when hypermesh says ''Extracting Porosity Model''. any help is appreciated. Unfortunately I cannot share the model due to confidentiality. Toon
  2. Hello, I have a problem when I open an additional Hypermesh window. The first window opens normally but when I want to open an additional window It does not open this extra window. I have deleted the setting files as is shown on this forum but the issue remains. I noticed in the task manager of my PC that when I try to open this extra hypermesh window, it opens under the background processes as opposed to under the apps. If I try to do the same thing with hyperview everything works fine and I can work with multiple windows simultaneously. Any advice is greatly appreciated as this issue is very annoying. Toon
  3. Hello, I am simulating an impact of two bars falling to the floor. These bars are initially held together with a RBE2 element while falling down to the floor. I am now trying to delete this connecting RBE2 element right before the bars hit the floor. How do I do this? I am currently experimenting with sensors but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Thank you Toon
  4. I am trying to simulate the influence of an unbalanced tyre on the structure using an FRF. Because it is rotating in the XZ-plane I have made two inputs, one excitation in X and one in Z. I combine these inputs in a DLOAD through 2 RLOAD load collectors. The thing I am struggling with is implying a 90 degree phase delay for one of the 2 RLOAD collectors. I have expirimented with the delay option and dphase option but I have not obtained the result I wanted. How do I apply this delay in my model? Is there a tutorial for this?
  5. Hi Premanand, Thank you for your reply. I will try the solution you proposed. Additionally, I assume I should also check the acceleration box under the subcase options of the load case, or should I leave it on displacement? Thank you
  6. Hi I am performing a modal frequency response analysis with OptiStruct. The model I have gives the displacement as output. However, I am interested in the acceleration as output. I tried obtaining this by checking the acceleration box under load steps => load case => subcase options output, but I could not access the acceleration result when in hyperview. Am I missing something? I can calculate the acceleration from the displacements but I feel like I should be able to get the acceleration results directly from the model. Thx
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