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  1. I successfully ran a Acusolve model with 2017.2 hyperworks with 2017 Acusolve but when ran the same model with 2017.3 Hyperworks with 2018 Acusolve i am getting a lot of errors in Acuprep. errors such as "parameter optimization not found, there is no active parameter, parameter gravitational acceleration not found, invalid data, so on so forth. i have checked the cards for solver and i see that in problem_description card the optimization is off and radiation equation is set to none but still i am getting errors associated with it. I have attached log files associated with both successful and unsuccessful runs. Simple_Rotor_CFD_00_Acusolve_02.1.Log Simple_Rotor_CFD_00_Acusolve_02.2.Log_acuTail.txt
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