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  1. Yes, I understand that. When I view the normals on Hypermesh the orientation is correct, the way i want it. But when I export it as an STL file, and view the geometry in another tool the orientation of a few elements seem to have changed. So I am assuming there is a problem with the export as STL option?
  2. Hello , I have been trying to export a mesh file from Hypermesh as an stl file. I want the normals oriented in a certain way . Does exporting as .stl file from Hypermesh change the orientation of the Geometry? I have been constantly getting errors with the geometry orientation.
  3. Viking_d


    Hi, Can someone please explain in detail what DAREA is, and when it is used? I dont seem to find enough documentation on it. Regards, Vdilip
  4. Hi, You can also try Geom> surface edit> trim with surfs/planes> self intersecting surfs (select the surfaces) > trim
  5. HI Andy, I have used MAT/LAW2. Since it is as side impact analysis, I presume the kinetic energy would come down after impact. I have plotted other energies, all of it are negligible or zero. I am using a meshed cylinder with /RBODY. I have also tried it with the /RWALL option, and the values seem to be the same. What are the friction parameters that are recommended? And also how do I define the inertia? Just to clarify, it is a single component test. Thanks, Vishruth
  6. Hi Ivan, I managed to figure out why the contact energy was that high. It was a modeling mistake. However, the Kinetic energy after impact still seems to be very high. I have used the suggested parameters for the contact ( self contact ). My component does not seem to absorb much energy. What could be the error? Unfortunately , I will not be able to share the model.
  7. Hello all, I am trying to run a pole impact simulation for a side sill. The following are the plots i got for the diff global variables. However, the contact energy seems to be too high, and the kinetic energy even after impact has a very high value. What could be the reason for this? I have used TYPE 7 contact for the self contact of the sill, and also for the contact between the rigid pole and the side sill.
  8. Hi @Pranav Hari I have shared two example files. Could you please check it and let me know?
  9. Hi @Pranav Hari @karthikeyan Thangavelu, I have created the include file. But when i import the solver deck, it shows the following error. Warning: starter Input Deck contains Keyword which is CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED in HM present at line number 27 Summary:Feinput finished with 0 errors and 1 warnings. My input deck has only 26 lines. I've also tried it with a more complex file which I could run before, but it shows the same error.
  10. Hi @Pranav Hari, For radioss to be able to read the include file, what should I save the file as? What should the file extension be?
  11. Hi @Pranav Hari, So the simplest way of say creating a MAT/LAW2 would be to copy the Example, as shown in the picture below in the text editor ( .rad file ) and edit the parameters as required? Am i right?
  12. Hi @Pranav Hari, I want to know how to work with text files. For instance, I have come across a .k file which contains the material database, which I inlcude in the master model for LS-dyna solver. And similarly a .bdf file for the optistruct solver. How do I create one for RADIOSS, without using the GUI? Thanks
  13. Hello @Pranav Hari , I have an Abaqus material card. I need to convert this to a RADIOSS card. How do i do it?
  14. Hello all, Could someone please tell me how to do the above? Thank you
  15. Hello all, How do I create a material database using a text editor such as Notepad or Jedit, so that I can include it in the Master model as an Include file. I need to create a card for RADIOSS. Is there any documentation or videos that I can watch? Thanks in advance for your answer.
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