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  1. vishruthdilip

    Youngs Modulus

    Hello all, I have created a laminate by specifiying different plies and their orientation on ESAcomp. How do I find out the Youngs modulus of the laminate as whole? Is there an option on ESAComp that give the laminate properties, specifically Youngs modulus. Thank you
  2. vishruthdilip


    Hello all, I want to mesh a complex solid with a very small thickness of about 2.5mm. I tried auto extracting the mid surface, but the result seems to be very bad. The surfaces tend to be disconnected, and the mid surface does not look good. What would be the right way to go about the meshing of this part? Any and all help would be appreciated.
  3. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Thank you @Ivan for all the help!
  4. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Hello @Ivan, I let the simulation run. The remaining time increased, and then dropped back to normal , and the simulation is complete. My understanding is that this happens , during impact when the time step drops. What are the recommended values for the various parameters , while defining self contact using contact type 7. However, I am getting a very large energy error. And also the deformation seems to be very large, could this mean edge-edge locking has occured? How do i check for edge-edge penetration? Thank you, Vishruth
  5. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Hello @Ivan Is there a secure dropbox where i can share my model?
  6. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Hello @Ivan I have just created a self contact( TYPE 7) for the component. Are the above parameters, applicable to this self contact? Is it necessary to define any other contact interface?Also i used the above parameters you mentioned for the self contact! It still has the same problem. Just to clarify, my model has just one component.
  7. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Hello @Pranav Hari This problem still seems to persist! I have removed all sort of intersections and penetrations. I have run the model checker, and there seems to be an error ( rigid body id is different from master id). But i have read, that this does not make any difference to the solver. The model used to run fine, when I gave an initial velocity to the component against a rigid wall. Now that i have kept the component fixed, and given an initial velocity to the rigid wall(cylinder) the probelm seems to have occured again. Could you please help me with this? Thank you, Vishruth
  8. vishruthdilip

    Rigid body

    Like you mentioned last time , about unchecking self penetration, i dont seem to find that option. This is what i use to check the penetrations and intersections.
  9. vishruthdilip

    Rigid body

    Thank you! I have another question regarding penetrations. The penetrations are not visible, I could use the autofix tool but the mesh gets distorted! Is there anyway i can fix this! I have attached an image of the failed elements! Thank you, Vishruth
  10. vishruthdilip

    Rigid body

    Hello, Im doing an impact analysis for a single component of a car. I want to contsrain one end of the component ( side sill) and apply a velocity to this component. What is the right way to make one side of the component rigid? Thank you, Vishruth Dilip
  11. vishruthdilip

    Error id 760.

    Thank you, there are no errors now!
  12. vishruthdilip

    Error id 760.

    Hello, Ive attached the file below. ssanalysis_0000.out
  13. vishruthdilip

    Error id 760.

    Hello, I seem to constantly get this error. I have checked my node groups, contacts and everything but it still shows the same error. Could you help me out with this? Thanks in advance for your help. ** ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 RADIOSS STOP DUE TO INPUT ERROR ERROR TERMINATION ------------------ 1ERROR(S) TERMINATION WITH WARNING ------------------ 1728WARNING(S) ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== RADIOSS Job completed ==== Thank you, Vishruth Dilip
  14. vishruthdilip

    Remaining time increasing.

    Hello guys, I am running a simulation using RADIOSS. The remaining time is increasing continously. How do i sort this out? I have posted images below for your reference. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Vishruth
  15. vishruthdilip

    Removing penetrations

    Hello, I seem to have a few penetrations in my model. I have cleared most of it using the automatic penetration fix tool that is provided but a few of them are still remaining. When I display only the failed elements, I am not able to observe any penetration. I have attached an image of the failed elements below. Could you guys please help me with this! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Vishruth Dilip