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  1. Good Afternoon, I've seen "Material Orientation Method" topic from @Ameydholam, however mine is slightly different that's why i created this new topic. So, my main goal is to evaluate the "influence/effect" of the printing direction considering an orthotropic material (MAT9ORT). My problem arises at the very start, considering that i used CHEXA or CPENTA I can never change material direction in accordance to the perpendicular shell element. I created a small example where this is visible, on the first image it's represented the 2D Mesh (Orange and Red) and the 3D Mesh (Blue and White), on the second image it's the material orientation and it's visible that the component that has no 2D shell on that direction is not able to change to the desired direction. Shell elements only have in-plane orientations, that part is clear, however when the solid part is created shouldn´t i be able to give any desired orientation to the solid element? Attached to this follows the model. Hope that anyone can help me. Thanks. material_direction_test.fem
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