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  1. I'm a bit confused here because a lookup table should be populate before and then a given entry will by interpolation have a given result. Shouldn't the look up table be populated by scripting like you suggested for the csv part ? EDIT : I think I understand how it worked now : Look up table is populated directly or through variables given in the Model/Initialization. Will try to populated based on a csv and the rest should go smoothly (I hope :o) ) Thanks for the help and I hope it can help others.
  2. Hello RoKet, thanks for the answers ! So you use the 3D look up table to build the n*n*k vector ? I'll have a look concerning the script part, time to go deaper :o) Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm a newbie with Activate (I'm still with the 2017 version) and I'm trying to translate an old model from Portunus in Activate. My goal is really simple but I don't understand how to do it in Activate. I have a 3D curve (map response) from Flux I'd like to use in Activate. I've always used a look up table in other softwares but here I really don't understand how to populate it here. If I try to use a csv of my values, how can I use them with interpolations in my model ? Hope someone can help me :o) Thanks !
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