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  1. It doesn't work yet. I think maybe you should test the co-simulation or give a detailed technical brochure in the next version of the software. It seems that I am not the only one encountering the problem...
  2. By the way, does Flux 2018.1 support coupling with MATLAB R2017b? I think maybe I use a wrong version...
  3. Hello, Thank you for your respond. I have added Flux path into the matlab path , as shown below. The error is still there :-( Do you know why it "cannnot find installation file" in simulink? Many thanks.
  4. I've got license for Altair HyperWorks Student Edition 2018 and installed Flux 2018.1. Then I coupled the software with Matlab R2017b and set the necessary path in Matlab. When I tried to run co-simulation using Flux with simulink, however, it failed and the following message was shown: Could anyone tell me how can i solve this problem? thx
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