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  1. i'm an engineering student and I studied that the stress xx value in a plane 4 node element should vary linearly with the y coordinate and so should do the stress yy in the x direction, does anyone know how to see the stress gradient inside a single element? (e.g. with a control card or I don't know how) cause averaging method is nosense in this case since i want to know the values of stress inside that element without carying of what happen near to that element. thanks in advance.
  2. I'm an engineering student and i try to build my own shell element on matlab and trying to make the stiffness matrix through the shape function and the virtual wok principle. after coding i compared the result obtained with matlab with a single sheel made in hypermesh and result are in the the same order of magnitude but different. does anyone know which shape function or which mathematical model Hypermesh use for this type of elements? I attached my matlab file. thanks in advice. plane_four_nodes.m
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