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  1. Hello there, I need help in Hex-meshing my geometric model. As I am still a beginner I have tried different partitioning strategies but I am unable to make the entire model mappable and I find it difficult to mesh . Please suggest how I can partition so that the geometry gets simpler to mesh. Please find the geometric model attached here
  2. Hello there, I have successfully meshed a geometry in Hypermesh and created element sets so that I could apply loads on those sets when I import the mesh to Abaqus. However, when I import the mesh into Abaqus I am not able to find the element sets in Abaqus. I am using hyperworks v13 and Abaqus 6.13-1. Please help me.
  3. Ok I will check thank you very much.
  4. Thank you answering my question. I have one more doubt. I have created element sets in Hypermesh but those are not visible when I import the mesh in Abaqus. Is it possible to get those element sets in Abaqus ?
  5. Hello there, I have completed meshing a fairly complex geometry in Hypermesh with dimensions in millimeters (mm). But now I want the geometry and the mesh to be in meters (m) to carry out my analysis in Abaqus. Is there a possible way to change the dimensions of the model ? Please help !!
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