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  1. thanks Acupro, very detail answer. best regards!
  2. Hello expert, I have a question about a results from AcuSolve simulation. When i post-processing using AcuFieldView, there is a result named "CFL_number" What is this result? and the meaning of it? I have read on the internet and see that is "Courrant number". Is it the same in AcuSolve? Below picture was taken from an AcuSolve tutorial Acu-2000 (Steady State simulation). Thank you all!
  3. Hello guys, I have a question: the porosity result is in percentage: the ratio of voids to solid areas. So what is the Area in calculation? Is it the tetra element volume? Thanks!
  4. Thank you Rahul, i will continue learn about this function. great video. thanks
  5. Hello experts, I am working with "mesh control" in HyperMesh to meshing for CFD problems. (using BL+tetra) In Volume Mesh control: BL+tetra, there is a parameter named "Final layer height/base ratio". I searched for help in Hypemesh help home 2019 and the result is found as below image. But i am wondering, how this parameter affect the mesh since the "final layer height" is already depended on "1st layer thickness", "growth rate" and "number of layers"? My understand for the total thickness calculation is drawn as image below. For example: Ai = layer thickness, growthrate = 1.2, number of layers= 3. I also tried some meshing in Hypermesh with large value for "final layer height" (5 to 10) but no difference b/w cases. Can you guys give me an explanation? and also correct if i am wrong. Thanks you very much!
  6. Hello experts, I am currently new to Forming simulations. While i was doing the tutorial in InspireForm: Single Action Draw Simulation with Top Pad and Drawbead There is a step make me confuse: "Step 5.Configure the top pad" (image below) They entered the value of "5tf" for Initial Force and Final Force. What does this mean? and how this "5tf" is transferred to number? I already searched in InspireForm help but no explanation found. Can you guys help me out? Thanks in advance!
  7. hi Gajendra, Thanks for your answer. i will try it
  8. hi Nimisha, Thanks for your detail answer.
  9. Hello expert, I am new to CFD and i have some questions about turbulence model and Y+ value. There is a lot of turbulence model provided in AcuSolve: Spallart Allmaras, K-epsilon, K-omega,... - So which model should be used for some specified case? The value Y+ is used to determined the "first cell height" while meshing. - what is the value of Y+ should i used to calculate "first cell height"? - Does it depend on type of flow (internal/ external) or chosen turbulence model? the following picture was taken in HyperMesh > Utility browser. Thank in advance! Best regard!
  10. Very detail answer. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello experts, I am working with AcuSolve tutorial Acu-5000 and Acu 5001. which are using the same model, difference is one is steady state/reference frame and other is transient/mesh motion. I am wondering which one should i use to represent the rotation of fan-blades? reference frame or mesh motion? and why? (image below) Thank in advance!
  12. Hello experts, I am an optistruct user and totally new to HyperForm. Now I want to use stress result from HyperForm as the initial stress in OptiStruct 2018. Does anybody have the solution or some tutorials for my case? Appreciate any helps. Thank you all!
  13. Hi. Thank for your answer, I already found the example file but it seem very difficult for my case. The case i want to perform is make a nonlinear-quasi-static analysis on OptiStruct with the initial stress from HyperForm result. Do you have any suggestion or tutorial for my problem?
  14. Thank you very much. Your answer is very detail and helpful. The picture i attached is just an example that i took on the internet. Beside, i also found some information in an Altair's E-book: Learn external dynamic with VWT. It mentioned about the tunnel size but all the dimension ratios are based on the car's length. You can take a look in the E-book, page 22. Thank you again!
  15. Hello experts, I am hypermesh_optistruct user. i have heard about a new feature in OptiStruct 2018 named "initial stress". i have looked at some papers from Altair but all the information is about BULK-DATA in OptiStruct. There is nothing about "how to assign initial stress in HyperMesh interfaces" Can somebody help me? Appreciate any help. Thank you verymuch!
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