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  1. hi Sourav, Thanks for your answer. It's exactly what i'm looking for. Furthermore, the default mesh factor for mold and other components in InspireCast 19.3 are recommended value, right?
  2. Hello expert, I have been working with InspireCast for awhile. From the beginning, i always let the software calculate and define the mesh size. However, for some case, the simulation completes very fast, but in some case,it takes very long time for solving. So, is there any rules to choose the mesh size appropriately which balance between accurate result and solving time? Appreciate if anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  3. hi, did you solve the problem? for my experience, the reason is very simple. the problem directory contains "space" in the path. you need to remove it. no space are allowed in the folder path
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question related to HyperView. Normally, we can export animation from HyperView, in the format of Gif or Avi very easy. But the quality of video is not high. It is always blur. I have searched on Altair connect but found only 1 script allow to export HD image, not video. Do you know where to set the animation's quality/ or any script to do this? For example: i want to export video in HD. Thank in advance!
  5. Hi Simon, I got it. Thank you very much for your explanation.
  6. Hello experts, I am facing a trouble to create SpotWeld in HyperMesh - Radioss Solver. I have a model in which the spotweld is created like below image. but i don't know how to create the spot weld like this. I know the spotwelds can be created using connectors >> spot >> elem type = type2(spring). but the result doesn't match my model, instead of create 1 spring2N elems., the connectors create 3. i have watched some videos on youtube/ altair university/ Radioss tutorial. they all use this approach. So is there anyone know how to create the spotweld with only 1 spring 2N as my model using HyperMesh? Please show me the procedure. I have attached the model file for your reference. Thanks in advance! SpotWeld_example.hm
  7. Hello experts, I learning HyperForm for sheet metal forming simulation. When i do HyperForm tutorial "HF 3080: Hot Stamping Analysis", i see that the simulation was divided into 4 stages numbered from 1 to 4. Please refer to below images: Also there are 4 Time History file were created in the run folder: Can anyone explain for me about these 4 stages? Or show me where can i find the information about this? Thanks in advance!
  8. .sta file is State file. it contains results or status of the sheet metal after deformed. (element thickness, strain) you can import .sta into subsequent forming simulation (multistage) or crash analysis to get better accuracy.
  9. Hi expert, I am using OptiStruct to perform a transient heat transfer analysis. I know that it is able to define a thermal load (Qvol/Qbdy) varying with time (time dependent). But is it possible to create a thermal load which is depend on a specific node temperature? Thank you!
  10. hi acupro, thanks for your clarification, However, i launched the simulation directly from AcuConsole and the file Acusim.cnf was written. i didn't move any things to other locations. i just completely followed the tutorial and still faced the problem.
  11. hi, i have solved the problem. the reason comes from the command provided by tutorial the draftee did not add "-pb StaticMixer" into the command. For those who face the same problem like me, please refer to my solution.
  12. Hello experts, Currently, i am trying to run AcuSolve tutorial Acu-T 600 with the purpose to use AcuTrace. But there is a problem when i run AcuTransTrace command: the .tlog file shown as below: And a new folder named "TRACE.DIR" is created when i run AcuTrace. but that folder is totally empty. some new files are generated in ACUSIM.DIR: when i Convert Results for AcuFieldView, the command window shown error as below: (the command is provided in Acu-T 6000) Can you please check and provide me solution for this? Attachments are Acusolve database i created by following tutorial and the .tlog file. Thank in advance! StaticMixer.acs StaticMixer.1.tlog
  13. Hi experts, I have found an issue in Hyperview - Querry panel - Remove duplicates option. Following the help document, this option will remove duplicates from queried nodal data. But i have tried on many h3d files & many versions of HV from 2014 to 2019.1.1. , this option doesn't work at all, even when export queried table to .CSV file. Does anyone have solution for this issue? Or did i have any mistake about how this option work? Thank in advance!
  14. hi Acupro, Thank you very much. Your explanation help me clearly understand about this. Thanks again.
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