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  1. hi Acupro, Thank you very much. Your explanation help me clearly understand about this. Thanks again.
  2. hi acupro, thanks for your answer. do you know normally what kind of pressure rise is used when evaluating a pump? static or total?
  3. Hello expert, I have a question about the expression to use when i want to calculate the PRESSURE-RISE in a system which has a pump/fan inside. As i have gone through tutorial Acu-T 5000: Blower - Steady, it shown that how to calculate pressure rise by: PRESSURE_RISE = PRESSURE_outlet - PRESSURE_inlet. (this is STATIC PRESSURE value) But follow my understanding with Bernoulli's law, the expression should be: PRESSURE_RISE = Total_Pressure_outlet - Total_Pressure_inlet Can anyone help me clear this thing? Also correct if i am wrong. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Q.Nguyen-Dai, i have followed your method but not succeed. (i tried with several different models) the temperature load in Hypermesh (after linear interpolation) is all "0-zero" value. Can you help check my attached files in below? Thanks in advance! hanlde.hm castRun_S.h3d Coordinate-contour.csv
  5. Hi Acupro, thanks for your answer. it's true that there is a missing surface in my database. i have solved the problem with your help. Thanks again.
  6. Hi experts, I am using AcuSolve to make a simulation of wind turbine. The concept is a wind turbine standing on the ground and subject to a wind speed at 5 m/s. The wind make the rotor rotate around its axis. I used transient simulation with sliding mesh approach (like in tutorial Acu-T 5001) and the mesh motion is rigid-body-dynamic. But my simulation stopped after 31 time steps while the settings was 100 time steps. Acutails show error as below: Can you give me any advice about this issue? The acusolve database can be download from this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Q7m8_dtrlO39iBF1YqfNC8QTS5kd6CB (meshing done by HyperMesh and imported into AcuConsole for setup the problem) Thank you very much!
  7. very nice and clean answer. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello experts, I have seen a lot of picture introduce about AcuSolve like the one below: The picture shows something like vortices structure in the result. Does anybody knows about how to post processing like that in AcuFieldView? Please guide me! If AcuFieldView can not, which software can? Also, in AcuFieldView/ FieldView, they provided a function called Q Criterion. I couldn't find any document/user guide about how to use this function. What do i need to input for this Q-criterion? Thank you very much for your help!
  9. hello, Is there anyone can help this? I am facing the same problem too.
  10. Hello experts, Any updates on this? I am facing the same problem too. Status-HXJM.log Status-EWB.log
  11. Hi Sourav, Highly appriciate your prompt and detail answer. Thanks!
  12. Hello experts, I am tending to use IS Cast to simulate a casting process of a golden ring. In real-life, they usually made rings by using Vacuum machine for gravity pour casting or rotating machine for centrifugal casting. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to define vacuum pressure in IS.Cast? 2. Can i use gravity-tilt process to simulate the centrifugal casting? 3.Will these features be add to IS Cast in the future? Thank you very much!
  13. Hi Sourav Das, Appreciated for your support. It worked. I need to uncheck "Run at model Location" in Preference >> Inspire >> run options Thank you very much!
  14. Hi, You can try using HyperMesh 2019 with AcuSolve user profile. It supported a lot of functions for AcuSolve and it much easier to use than AcuConsole. Also, in 2019.1 version, Altair released HyperWorks CFD X - very good software. It has GUI like Inspire platform and the way to manage data similar like AcuConsole (use surface group, not like traditional HyperMesh using component).
  15. Hello experts, I am running a casting simulation with IS Cast 2019.2 and faced the error as below image. I tried with 2 other machines and get the same error. Can you explain what issue is this and give me some advices? Thanks in advance!
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