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  1. thank you so much ivan in 3 roll bending simulation can we do the simulation in stage wise (i.e) first step the top roller is moved down that boundary condition is specified for this stage and second stage rotation of rolls now boundary condition is differ from first stage what is multi stage process in hyperform is that helpful for my case????? i need to consider the spring back also
  2. thanks ivan i am using older version v14 can u share me the .rad file please
  3. Hi Pranav yes i am not getting plastic strain in post processing but i am getting von mises stress i have selected anim/elem/EPSP i used mat36 material law and assign the plastic stress strain curve is that i have selected wrong material type?????
  4. hi i am simulating the 3 point roll bending is there any keywords to find the nonlinear deformation
  5. Hi ivan Sorry for late reply i attached file please check. Roll_bending.hm
  6. Hi ivan Thanks for your reply i have made the changes for the stress strain curve that 0 strain is at the yield point of the material and the curve progresses as mentioned below. even though i am not getting plastic strain value.
  7. i used the material M36PLAS_TAB
  8. hi i am doing simulation on 3 point roll bending in radioss solver first step i applied displacement to the top roller in z direction then i applied peripheral velocity to 3 rolls then i stopped the velocity again applied top roller displacement and given velocity of the roll in different direction. i am not getting the plastic strain value while the stress i am getting larger than then the yield value
  9. hi is there any engine keyword to find the residual stress in the components.....
  10. Hi how to assign the boundary condition to the rigid body.... tool>BCs Manager in this part option we need to select the rigid component or the actual model component or we need to select both of the component. Thanks
  11. Hi Ivan thanks for your reply, i didn't delete the 2D mesh that used for the 3D mesh for the component.
  12. Hi iam new user, i got an error while checking in model checker Radioss, "one component has more than one element type" how to overcome this error.
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