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  1. YaoLun

    Error 312

    sorry I have tried to use the rbe2 to connect design and nodesign component, but the error still occurs. I am not sure whether i ues the rbe2 right. could you help me check the model? 1.hm
  2. YaoLun

    Error 312

    Also, i have another question,how to smooth the rough surface.
  3. YaoLun

    Error 312

    Sorry.I'm confused about how to connect two components,leading to problems below. And i attach the hm file,could you help me check or correct it to run it? Thanks! Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 312 *** In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large -1.37409e+011. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). 1.hm