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  1. Thanks for your reply! It's so confusing. It always shows the message below Besides, could you tell me which version your Hyperworks is ?
  2. 51.igs Hi, guys. I'm facing a basic problem that hinders me performing the next steps. When i try to mesh the igs. file exported from Rhino, it always shows that the input is empty. So i suppose that the file is not a solid, then i use the 'bounding surface' to make it solid. It shows that no closed volume found. I can't figure out what mistakes i have made. Please help me, thanks!
  3. Thanks for answering! I know the 30% is the material available for optimization. But I wanna know how the remained 70% of the volume change? what state doest the 70% stay? Low-density or some other?
  4. In the setup,there is a parameter-volume fraction. When I choose the 30% as the upper limit. What does it means?It means 30% volume fraction of design space joins in the process of optimization. Am I correct? What's more,what role dose the other 70% volume fraction of design space play? What changes does these material go through?
  5. It's so nice of you. May you happy and healthy everyday!!!
  6. Can anyone help me convert the file to v13.0. The file is too high.I can't open it Thank you! export.hm
  7. Thanks for your answer. But your file version is too high,i can't open it.sad- -
  8. Sorry. I haven't solved this problem for a long time.Maybe the rbe2 between the nondesign space(grey) and design space(red) turns wrong. And it doesn't display which error it is. Could you help me solve the problem? Here is my hm. export.hm
  9. YaoLun

    Error 312

    sorry I have tried to use the rbe2 to connect design and nodesign component, but the error still occurs. I am not sure whether i ues the rbe2 right. could you help me check the model? 1.hm
  10. YaoLun

    Error 312

    Also, i have another question,how to smooth the rough surface.
  11. Sorry.I'm confused about how to connect two components,leading to problems below. And i attach the hm file,could you help me check or correct it to run it? Thanks! Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 312 *** In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large -1.37409e+011. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). 1.hm
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