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  1. 51.igs

    Hi, guys. I'm facing a basic problem that hinders me performing the next steps. 

    When i try to mesh the igs. file exported from Rhino,  it always shows that the input is empty.

    So i suppose that the file is not a solid, then i use the 'bounding surface' to make it solid.

    It shows that no closed volume found.

    I can't figure out what mistakes i have made.

    Please help me, thanks!

  2. On 4/28/2019 at 10:10 PM, Hyperman said:



    Volumefrac response is the material fraction of the designable material volume (material available for optimization). The volume fraction response can be a fraction of:

    -the total volume, which includes design and non-design volume

    -by entity, specifying either props (properties) or mats (materials)


    Thanks for answering!

    I know the 30% is the material available for optimization. But I wanna know how the remained 70% of the volume change?

    what state doest the 70% stay? Low-density or some other?

  3. In the setup,there is a parameter-volume fraction. When I choose the 30% as the upper limit.

    What does it means?It means 30% volume fraction of design space joins in the process of optimization. Am I correct?

    What's more,what role dose the other 70% volume fraction of design space play? What changes does these material go through? 

  4. 12 hours ago, Ivan said:



    the independent (master) node of an RBE2 element should not be connected to a mesh node.


    Create RBE2 elements with independent setting the calculate node.


    Thanks for your answer.

    But your file version is too high,i can't open it.sad- -

  5. On 1/3/2019 at 3:41 PM, Rahul R said:

    Elements of component 1 and component 2 are not connected.Please ensure connectivity and then, have design and nondesign region for optimization.


    I have tried to use the rbe2 to connect design and nodesign component, but the error still occurs.

    I am not sure whether i ues the rbe2 right.

    could you help me check the model?


  6. Sorry.I'm confused about how to  connect two components,leading to problems below.

    And i attach the hm file,could you help me check or correct it to run it?



    Messages for the job:

     *** ERROR # 312 ***
     In static load case 1 
     the compliance is negative or large -1.37409e+011.
     Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed.
     due to possible rigid body mode.


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