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  1. Hi Mr. Tinh The got the following error message while running add toolbar script. tag name 'Undo-Redo' # must be alphanum should not contain any wildcharacters tag name 'Undo-Redo' # must be alphanum should not contain any wildcharacters while executing "::hwtk::istagvalid $tag" (object "::.tbopts.f1.lb" method "::hwtk::widget::HWListbox::add" body line 7) invoked from within "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" (procedure "p_mnuOptions_Invoke" line 1) invoked from within "p_mnuOptions_Invoke" (in namespace inscope "::tbopts" script line 1) invoked from within "::namespace inscope ::tbopts p_mnuOptions_Invoke" (menu invoke) Hm version 2019.1 Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I am also facing the issue with opening the STP files. The STP is genetrated from Hypermesh. The surfaces are getting splitted or it is failing to import.(Tried with both CAD and aslo CAD through Translation). And we are not getting the same IMPORT STEP options that you have mentioned in the first post.(Mainly Method:) Iam using SL19.1 on windows platform.
  3. Thanks kamalraj The issue is sorted. If we pin the simlab to taskbar, we are getting the above mentioned error message. In all other ways of opening the tool, it is opening fine. No reinstall required. I am working in SL 19.1 , windows platform.
  4. Couldn't able to open Simlab. Pop-up window shows "The required environment variable HW_UNITY_ROOTDIR was not set." Tried with changing environmental variables, but same issue. Any possible solutions are welcome
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