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  1. Hi Pooja nothing is really changed here you are all the new files -
  2. Hi Pranav I already check, it should be ok Anyway, I made another problem inspired by your example 3.1: now the composite panel is a copy-pasted property and material data. However, It still has issues that I do not understand You could find all files attached there
  3. According to your example, I tried to set up a sort of 3-points-bending test with two fixed rigid wall and another one that has a initial velocity. I used as much data as I could to define composites: the upper cylinder rigid wall impacts with the sandwich shell, but it bounces back instead of crashing the plate
  4. Thank you It will be very helpful. Where can I find any other exercises on the same topic?
  5. I tried to create again the same structure, I supposed there were some problems during mesh phase on the previous file, but it still has problems. anyone else has the same experience? a specific tutorial for radioss and composites laminates?
  6. 1. kN Kg mm ms is my global unit system. if you look at every single material I specified a local unit system kg/m/s in order to copy-paste faster fabric's properties: thas is very easy to do in hypercrash. 2. I did not defined material for my shell because it is made of two fabrics and a single orthotropic core. All I have to do is define the type17_stack prop, right? 3. if I use hypermesh, RBody is shown as a component, but not if I open it in hypercrash. I followed your advice by removing the card img Part, however solver still has the same issue
  7. Any other suggestion? I am really trying everthing but nothing help me to understand what is the point
  8. I hope I shared with you all the files. By the way, if you want to calculate them again, remember that they take no more than 1 min each composite_panel_radioss_0000.rad composite_panel_radioss_2_0000.rad composite_panel_radioss_0001.rad composite_panel_radioss_2_0001.rad composite_panel_radioss_0000_0001.rst composite_panel_radioss_2_0000_0001.rst
  9. composite_panel_radioss_0000.out composite_panel_radioss_2_0000.out
  10. If I apply these fixes, I still have the follow result
  11. Hi Pranav Hari thanks for your reply I used hypercrash to set up loadcases and I got inspired by tutorial RD-T:3060. Could it be the problem?
  12. Hi to everyone, I would like to produce a crash between a composite sandwich panel and a fixed cylindrical rigid wall. The first one is made of three different materials defined as LAW25 (COMPSH), plies as Type19 and laminate panel as P17_stack. Unfortunately something do not work properly. Can anyone help me to understand where I made mistakes? composite_panel_radioss_0000.rad result.mvw
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