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  1. Yea. It is working. Thanks a ton .. I thought that command was specifically for tied contact, so was trying other ones..
  2. does it work for contact spotweld in dyna properly ?
  3. Hi, I would like to know, how to get the script to get the elements in contact (spotweld/tied) in dyna by giving only a node as input. The command file does not give clear steps except for *findmark elements 1 1 1 etc.. or findfaces for getting the solid weld element faces. I tried it manually but beyond getting the solid elements, I'm not getting the 2D elements which are defined in contact spotweld. What must I do to get them too ??.
  4. Check the "block redraw"command. I'm not sure about the exact command name but those words appear in the command. For images just type "image" in the search option in hypermesh reference guide. I'll gt back if I get the exact command names.
  5. Actually for this code I really want it as a component selection rather than element. That way the user knows the entire range of selection he/she is making. Like as much as possible I want to avoid the element selection as it would be not as appealing to the user. And I'm sorry, I don't know much about graphic selection changes, haven't explored those options.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to select components in the order the user selects ?? I checked for *createlistpanel but it isn't applicable for components, and hm_getmark always gives a result of a list which is ascending order only.
  7. @Livil Lyle @tinh any ideas on how get that "select from list" gui ??
  8. Like I don't want to use a message prompt for selecting each component and I don't want to use *createmarkpanel for the same. Hm_callcollector also allows only selection of one component.
  9. Hi , I'm writing a code which uses provides user options to modify created constrained rigid bodies. I feel instead of asking user to select a component to update the master or slave, I would like to provide him/her with this interface (shown in pic) for selection of new comps or deselection. The advantage is that the user can view the existing selection present. Can anyone tell me how to proceed with this.
  10. I'm sorry, I got the method on how to do it. I tried hm_getelemcheckvalues and it worked. Although if there are any new methods, please do let me know.
  11. Hi , I would like to know if there is any command to get this value shown for an element. I tried nonstructuralmass, structuralmass, mass as datanames but I'm getting the total value and not the added part. The non structural part always ends to being zero. Like basically, how to access all the mentioned values in either f10 checks for 2D and 3D elements.
  12. D:\Altair\14.0\hw\tcl\tcl8.5.9\win64\bin\wish85 Y:\Cae\TCLTK_BG913\pedpro_request.tcl I wrote it like that in notepad and saved as a .bat file. It is working.
  13. Thanks @tinh . So do i add that line and save as .bat. Will that be enough ?
  14. Hi, I would like to know if I can write a batch file to run a tcl script through the HM platform without actually needing to open Hypermesh .? My code is written such that it can run via Wish console, but in my office where this macro will be used, only hypermesh is available to run tcl codes. Also as this work does not require HM to be open, I don't want to use the FILE -> RUN option in hypermesh (making it more user friendly by not asking him/her to open hm). Is there any way to create a batch to execute this file ?
  15. Thanks a lot @tinh, will go through it and update
  16. I guess I have tried that, but it returns only the structural mass. Not the Added, plus I want the sum total of solids and shells.
  17. Hi , I have following the posts in the forum, this time I have a question regarding a problem I'm facing. I am currently working on bringing several checks we do for a full vehicle in Primer to HM. One of them is the C.O.G of the vehicle and the total scaled mass. I have checked the F10-> Time option and after checking for the set dt2ms value, I'm getting the total added below as shown in the picture. I want to get that value (0.0809878) directly. Is there any method/command for accessing that output displayed there?? I have tried hm_getelemchekbounds and hm_getelemcheckvalues but after that I will required to do a lot of work to get the total added mass. Any suggestions...
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