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  1. Hi Vishrut, Probably the road reference marker is to high compared with the tire marker. Try to lower in Z the road reference marker a bit, 10, 20mm should work. Best regards, Felipe.
  2. Hello, The MotionView units can be seen under model DataSets or Misc Units.
  3. Hello Charansai, Could you describe, with details, what you were doing to get the error reported? If you can tell the steps you performed to get the error it will be easier to help you. Best regards, Felipe.
  4. Hi Simon, No, it is not possible to use Hypermesh to create the NLFE geometry. There are 18 different cross-sections possible in MotionView though, and you can also combine them to form a generic shape. Best regards, Felipe.
  5. Hello, Are you using any external command like an user-subroutine, FMU or co-simulation? If you deactivate it, does the error remain? Regards, Felipe.
  6. Hello Yaswanth, We have this model that you could use to learn how to mechanize a Windshield Wiper using Inspire. What is the objective of the simulation you want to perform? Best regards, Felipe. 30_WindshieldWiper_2019.3_17jan20.stmod
  7. Hi Adrian, In the Altair tire entity, under properties, you can enter different road profiles. Try including the pothole road there and run the Straight Line Braking as usual. Best regards, Felipe.
  8. Hello Yuvaraj, The joint friction is dependent on the geometry that the joint is connected. Please take a look at the online help for more information about joint friction and how to enter the proper friction parameter based on your geometry dimensions. https://connect.altair.com/CP/SA/hwhelp/2019.1/ms/topics/solvers/ms/xml-format_61.htm Best regards, Felipe.
  9. Hello Francesca, From a table you can use this option and open a .csv or .txt file. From the Step you can enable CAD feature recognition under Tool--> Option --> Build Model and select points or directly joints using the CAD features. Best regards, Felipe.
  10. Hello, Your model has failed in the static analysis. Nothing else can be said with the information provided. If you can add more information on what you are doing and send the model we can try to help you here. Best regards, Felipe.
  11. Hi Luca, That is not an usual error. There is something corrupted in your installation. Can you try reinstall it to see if the problem is gone? Best regards, Felipe.
  12. Hi Laura, You can merge the bodies in MV keeping only the necessary components to represent your system. For instance, parts represented on the CAD like bolts, bearings, welds, etc do not need to be represented in your simulation. Therefore it is either recommended to group it in one single body or delete them. Best regards, Felipe.
  13. Hi Sudhanshu, If you are only analyzing forces on the body, either fem or cad file will do the work. They are only used in the graphic entities for visualization purpose. Regards, Felipe.
  14. Hi Adrian, Looking at this message only without knowing the model is not possible to identify the error. Does MS write a .h3d animation? Did you check if it is ok during statics? When changing the hard points, did you keep the symmetry making sure left and right are correct? Maybe you could upload the model. Best regards, Felipe.
  15. Hi Tetoldini, The axle is an external CAD and it is not parametrized with the MV model. Changing the wheel center points will not change the axle length, only the track width. What you could do is scale it using the graphic panel. In the same way if you want to move the axle you need to change its location in the origin option. Best regards, Felipe.
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