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  1. Hi Snow85, The exact path location is this: ..\Altair\2017\tutorials\mv_hv_hg\mbd_modeling\flexbodies\sla_flex_left.fem Can you check if you find the model there? In any case here is the file. sla_flex_left.fem
  2. Hi Wewake, Have you tried to create the outputs as Ivan said? If you don't want to ask for Motion output using expression builder, you can request a simple force output entity and apply it to the bodies, joints or even the applied motion?
  3. Hello Sushanth, The issue with the Tab is probably a limitation in the Student Version. Your workaround is correct. But you didn't assign any property/material to the flex body component, that is why you got an error.
  4. Hi Phat, Flexible bodies for MotionSolve need to have RBE2 as rigid elements. RBE3 won't work. Can you try switch the element type to RBE2 in HM and create it again?