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  1. Aishwarya Patwardhan

    How to use Multiple load steps in a single objective?

    Thank you for your reply. Can you please suggest how to convert the displacement objective to weighted compliance objective? regards, Aishwarya
  2. I am solving a problem where I am designing a metamaterial using topology optimization (in Optistruct) to mimic the deformation behavior of a traditional elastomer. For this, there are three prescribed loading cases under which the metamaterial must undergo a given value of deformation; for example, for 20000N load, the deformation should be 5mm. I have three load steps for the three loading cases. I use a displacement constraint with the lower and the upper bound around the prescribed displacement value (for example, for a 5mm displacement, the constraint bounds are 5 to 5.05). I have three such displacement constraints for the three loading steps. The objective is to minimize the displacement in each loading step. Now, for an objective of minimizing the displacement, how to incorporate multiple load steps?