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  1. Hi, There is a procedure in Optistruct/Motionsolve to calculate the wear of a material? if yes there are some tutorials or guideline? I need to estimate wear of Teflon liner in a spherical rod end with thanks Luca
  2. Hi, there is a way to export an optimize chassis frame (modeled using beam) in Hypermesh with optimized beam section? Thanks
  3. Hi, I've a set of results of static analysis performed with optistruct (a single h3d file), is possible to import this results into Inspire to perform an optimization analysis? Thanks Luca
  4. Hi Rahul, I'm a new user on Altair, could you provide a simple example (a model) of this method? thanks
  5. Hi, I'm tring to model a semplified 2D pin element using RBE and CBAR with rotational dof release along the normal to plane. Due to geometrical and load condition the RBE express a tension/compression on dipendent nodes. my question is: si possible using an element (such as rbe) that is rigid in compression and not rigid (deactivated?) in traction?
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