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    Hi Luca,
    You cannot import results into Inspire, although you can go ahead with your investigation by using Inspire to analyze as well as optimize the model. You can directly import the .fem file generated from HyperMesh with all the loads already defined. 
    To export a .fem file follow these steps:
    Complete the model set-up and meshing in HyperMesh Go to File > Export > Solver Deck > Choose a name > Choose OptiStruct (.fem, .parm) and click save Import the .fem file so generated in Inspire and click on Analyze in the Structure ribbon. Then after the analysis, click on Optimize in the Structure ribbon to get the optimized shape.

    Alternatively, you can directly import your CAD file in Inspire directly and then proceed to set-up the loads and supports, and then Analyze and consequently Optimize using the Structure ribbon.
    Please reach out if you need any further clarification.
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