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  1. Hi, Make sure the you defined number of load step as per your desired output.
  2. Hi, Make sure that both contact face nodes are in same plane as per CAD data. This can avoid intersection if meshing is not checked activating CAD in wire frame mode.
  3. Hi, which ET in ansys supports 9 node pyramid? I remember only 5 node and 13 node.
  4. Hi, Make sure that your element normals are consistent.
  5. Hi, Make sure you have chosen same user profile in both windows.
  6. You can use External model to import .cdb file in WB.
  7. Hi, You can only export CAD datas using STEP (STandard for Exchange of Product model). For other datas you need to export using corresponding solver data forms.
  8. Hi you can use Batchmesher initially for automated mesh. Later you can go with tcl scripts
  9. Hi, You can prefer using 2nd order Tet mesh mapped with existing Hex mesh where quality hex is difficult to obtain.
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