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  1. Hey Tinh, I was able to create session of hypermesh. Can I get the Id's of components , surfaces only using external api functions? Thanks!!
  2. I'll share the below code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "hm_extapi.h" #include "hm_extapi_error.h" HM_ExtAPI* xAPI = NULL; void open_api(); void close_api(); int main() { open_api(); bool model = false; model = xAPI->ImportModel(HM_ExtAPI::AUTO, "D:\veer\HM Files\HSG.stp", true); printf("model value is %B\n",model); close_api(); scanf("Enter something to continue"); return 0; } void open_api() { int err_code; printf("Opening API...\n"); xAPI = Open_HM_ExtAPI(&err_code); if (err_code != ERR_XAPI_SUCCESS) { printf("Error \n"); } printf("API ready.\n"); } void close_api() { if (xAPI) { printf("Closing API...\n"); Close_HM_ExtAPI(xAPI, true); printf("API closed.\n"); } } I have linked the required library and header files, and trying to run simple code to import the model, Can you please briefly share the whole process? Thanks!!!
  3. I did in the same way you suggested, but now there's another issue, debugging is taking a lot of time.
  4. Can you please share the demo code which worked for you and the process to link the library files? I'm getting the following Error: "module machine type 'x86' conflicts with target machine type 'x64' " . I tried to get Visual studio 64-bit, but didn't get, so how you did? Whether you had tried with 32-bit hypermesh?
  5. How to open external instance of HM using Visual Studio? I'm trying examples provided in the documentation of HM Ext API but not getting success ? Can somebody help me in writing a sample program to start the session, import the model and end the session. ? Thanks!!!