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  1. Chris, I guessed that indeed. Just looks like such a funny glitch to me. Digging in the Py stuff around MV has become my daily activity since we (Altair + CM-Labs + Sayfield) have made a model export from MV to Vortex. This allows MV users you to perform a Real-Time simulation of an MV model in less than an hour. Keep posted for more news on this side. I also hope to expect some more news on the Python side of MV in the near future. Kind regards, Chris
  2. By the way, Chris. Who is this Jenkins guy mentioned in the bad words coming from MSolve? Is that a dir. on de development server of MSolve? Is that Py code frozen in the Pyc files? Interesting traces, if you ask me. Just a stupid remark/question.. Kind regards, Chris
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