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  1. Tks for your video. it is very good explain. Further, i have a question ! For this method, how many time we can do if after 3D remesh still gap failed ! Thanks for your kindly help.
  2. could u like to explain by picture pls, it will be understand more clearly !
  3. DaiV


    Mr.Ivan, Thanks for your method ! Its good and easily to understand.
  4. Thanks for your answer ! I am reading the e-book follow your suggestion. Now, i dont have SN or EN data. so i wonder how can i setting material properties or evaluation for my analysis ? can u explain me more a bit plz. thanks for your kindly help !
  5. Could u make it more clearly a bit plz. Ex: how to set condition by Hyper Mesh , how to run analyze by Optistruct. Thanks any way !
  6. i have same question, Can anybody explain plz
  7. Hi all bro, i can do static analysis by hyper mesh. Now, i wanna setting fatigue -durability analysis by hyper mesh, but i dont have any experience for this setting. Could any one teach me plz. Thanks a lot !
  8. Hi all, I am looking for same question like this topic. I wanna to setting fatigue analysis by hypermesh, then run solve by optistruct. However, i dont know how to setting condition then. Could any one teach me plz. Thanks alot and have a nice day to all !
  9. hi every one, im new member ! I have no experience in fatigue analysis . Could any one teach me how to set all condition for this analysis plz. Thanks any way ! my mail is : hoangdaitnut@gmail.com
  10. could u make it more clearly please ! i have just join 2 wheel field, and i had done many static simulation also. Which part do u want static simulation ?
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