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  1. hello everybody, my computer is too slow and bad to solve an analysis. it would be great if someone can solve it for me. but the file is too big to upload it here, so i would need your email adress. thanks and bst regards
  2. hello everybody, i created constraints on the face by choosing geoms the two surfaces of the hole but i have singularities on the edge. so i want to exclude the nodes on the line from the constraints how is that possible? thanks and best regards
  3. Hello everybody, i´m very new to the programm so sorry for the simple question. I don´t find any tutorial or good video for editing a solid mesh using tetra elemts. i want to reduze the element size near an edge. Please give me a step by step introduction thanks for your help and patiance best regards!
  4. allright, now my slowly mind has understood, thanks a lot for your patience!
  5. Okay.. but why can't i Use the surface Modell with shells? You say because of h/l but i definded a thickness of the Shell... i wanted to do it like https://youtu.be/mfpDHfM4svQ Thank you very much for your Help! I will try to learn the shape optimization and the mesh convergence.
  6. okay thanks for the information about shape optimization. but i would prefer the sizing because my prof said i should do that. is this possible to? no the loadsteps are time points while the robot is turning. the model (name: reanalyse interpretation) before was only with the loads of time point five because that one is the most critical. what is this? sorry i´m ery new with the programm...
  7. thanks again. yes i know that. shell elements are only for the surface modell. and the surface modell is needed for the sizing. but i have to do the size optimimization. or is it possible to optimize the thickness with the shape optimimization. i´ve never did that before... what is the difference between -2 and -1 with support? okay thank you very much. for the background: the modell is a swing of an industral robot. the loads are the peak from the turning process of 90°. the result of the fem shows just 10 MPa under this load i think thats much to les... Kraft x [N] Kraft y [N] Kraft z [N] M x [Nm] M y [Nm] M z [Nm] LO -4545 100734 -1351 82862 -1788 26811 LU 5191 -85014 1806 -82867 1772 -26812 ManipulatorschwingeC1130619param-2.hm
  8. Hey, first of all thank you very much for your reply. but i have a thickness defined in the property. and i can´t use solid elements because there are no solids.. oh okay i never heard about that. the problem is that i have my deadline of the project soon and can´t deal with a whole new topic. what exactly is happening when i make (PARAM>INREL>-2)? i have make both analyses with (PARAM>INREL>-2) and the resuts are unfortunaly very different :/ surface modell: solid modell:
  9. hello everyone, i have a different result for the fe-analyse for my surface modell which i want to use for sizing to the results of the fe-analyse of the solid model. the result of the sizing is incorrect too... so first i need help to make the same fe-analyse results and second for the correct sizing setup. both models are below. thanks for your help and best regards. Reanalyse_Interpretation.hm Sizing.hm
  10. oh silly mistake of me...... thanks...
  11. Hello, how can i fix this error: *** ERROR # 6005 *** The properties referenced by DTPL card 1 are not referenced by any designable elements. My model is below. thanks and best regards Manipulatorschwinge_langsames_Drehen_neu_aufgebaut.hm
  12. Hello together, when i use the option " peak loads per connection " which peaks are used? the peaks of the magnitude or the peaks of the x, y, or z component? thanks and best regards
  13. and the spc is the same in every loadstep
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