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  1. cemreyvz

    Out file can not be read

    Can anyone please help me?? Thank you
  2. cemreyvz

    Out file can not be read

    Hello, As I try to do Hyperstudy setup for parametrized model, after the nominal run. The out file is created and I can see the stress results there but as I want to create an output response, The responses can not be read by hyperstudy results reader from the out file in approaches>m1> run01 only text extraction appears. What can be the problem? Thank you
  3. cemreyvz


    Hello, I use hypermesh 2017.01. As I try to save my model I get the error segmentation error and the program crashes. I tried several times and all the suggestions in the forum about deleting folders and also I uninstalled and installed the software several times. When I apply morph constraint along dofs and save it, I realized this segmentation error happens just after that. How can I solve this problem? My graphic card is gtx 1050 ti Thank you!
  4. cemreyvz

    Hypermorph Distribution problem

    As I translate my shape with my handles only the next mesh on the translation axis has all the disturbance, I want to distribute this disturbance to the other meshes on the axis. Then this makes mesh distortion as I try to make a shape optimization so my optimization terminates due to mesh distortion. I am searching for an option on hypermorph. Thank you
  5. Hello, I want to move a hole located in the middle of a beam. As I translate the elements of the hole along x axis, I want that the disturbance of the elements are distributed equally to the elements which are in the translation directionso that the meshes are not distort. Is there a way of selecting constraints to equally distribute the disturbances? Thank you
  6. cemreyvz

    Creating output block from morphface

    Is there a solution? Thank you
  7. cemreyvz

    Creating output block from morphface

    I have shared the fem file via dropbox
  8. Hello I try to create an output block that shows me the stress of the elements that I have morphed(which are now morphface) I select those elements and I give them a shell property but I get the error #14 element missing referenced by xhist. How can I solve this problem? Thank you!
  9. cemreyvz

    Changing hole location

    Hello, I am quite new to hypermesh and I want to create simple solid beam which has a hole and then I want to move the hole. I have built the model in hypermesh and added all the constraints, I have tried morphing but it deformed my meshes while moving the hole by making my beam longer. Would you please help me about which modules I should use? I am currently trying to figure our hyperstudy parametrization