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  1. Thank you for your reply. However, I had used selecting 'by Set', that was not the problem. However, I cannot select to report the Set name with the query results like one could do with the Node Id.
  2. Hello everybody, since I want to query certain sets of elements in Hyperview regarding strains and stresses, I have created Sets of elements in Hypermesh/Optistruct with certain set names. In Hyperview, however, the Sets are just shown by their Set Id number ("SET 1") instead of the given set name. Is there a chance to show the original name in Hyperview. Apart from this, I would like to do a query on all these sets. For this reason, I would like to add in the query table the set name or at least the set Id for every eveluated element. However, I couldn't find an option to show the set id or set name with the certain element's stresses in the query table. Thanks for any help. Kind regards, Jo
  3. Hello everybody, is there a chance to select elms or nodes by means of a window that is defined regarding its size? For example, I would like to select Solidelements on the Surface of the body, that are inside a definde area (circle, diameter 10 mm). Therefore, I would like to use "by window" "visible only" "circle" and define the diameter of the window. Thanks for any help. Kind regards Jo
  4. Dear Rahul, is it possible to create a tension only spring element for a linear static analysis? Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards Jo
  5. Thank you for your help
  6. I have just seen that in the model version is missing a force in y-direction with 750N in the load collector MC_Ace_Force.
  7. Attached you can find the out file MinimalstModell_NL1.out
  8. Thank you very much for your quick response and excuse me for my basic questions, since I am new to Optistruct. In order to test different types of connection, I have created an basic model of an half hip that is attached to this post. It represents the basic idea and main challenges, which I would like to implement on a comlete human hip. In this model I am currently trying to work with CRODS and CBUSH to have the possebility of pretension. I have trouble with convergence due to not closing gaps and I think that might be because of the fact that there are just SPCs at the right component. I hoped by using pretension to close the gap that would solve that problem. What is your advice? Thank you so much for your help. MinimalstModell_NL.hm
  9. Hello everybody, is it possible to create pre-loaded CBUSH elements in Optistruct? I would like to model with spring elements braced components (tet-meshed) with a defined spring stiffness. The spring elements are attached by RBE3 to the component's surfaces (RBE3-spider -- CBUSH -- RBE3-spider). My goal is to model pre-loaded human ligaments restraining the hip. I'd be glad to get any advice on this topic. Best regards Jo
  10. I have a similar project, that includes the application of muscle forces on bone areas. I am currently wondering how to distribute the force best. Is it a good idea to apply the force via RBE3 Elements with an calculated independent node and a cbush element or do you suggest another way?
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