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  1. Hey, Thank you for the quick reply. I already did that, and for displacement of the maser nodes, this works out. But I also want to look at the roation takes place. BR, tims
  2. Hello, How can you analye the movements of two RBE2-elements? I want to get the relative displacement and angle of two sections, which I created using the FBD-tool. My approach would be to use measure tool in HV to measure relative Displacement and angle between two RBE2-element -masternodes. But I dont seem to find a function, which can output the angle of two nodes. Can you think of an alternative? Thanks in advance, tims
  3. I think i found my error. Thank you very much
  4. Hello, is there a quick way to check for the node, where a force is applied? And if it's not the desired one, how do you change it? I have reaction forces of a cross-section in the centroid. Now i want to attach the force to the calculated node of a RBE2-Elem. thank you very much, Tim edit: i'm using optistruct as solver
  5. Thank you very much. Is Ä the problem?
  6. Hello, I want to simulate the torsional stiffness of a beam, which is welded (RBE3) to two plates. For some reason the calculation is successful, but there is no H3D- file, which I could review in Hyperview. I attached the fem-file as well as the out-file. Can you help me to figure out, why there are no results for this calculation? Thank you guys in advance, Tim Vollprofil_RB_angenähert_20190116.fem Vollprofil_RB_angenähert_20190116.out
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