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  1. Hello!! I am trying to analyze a birdstrike case with RADIOSS . For creating material I have used M25_COMPSH as a card image. For a creation of property, I have used PROP/TYPE 19 and finally I applied both property and material to a component. To créate the plies, I used property P17_STACK . I can visualízate the plies, but when I run it, it gives the Error 562. Please, could you help me? Thank you very much birdstrikeComposite3.hm
  2. Hello, I am analysing a birdtrike. I am using student version. The problem is that I can`t select the master and the slave because appears this issue in the screen : "the component does not exist in the database". How Can I resolve it? Thank you very much. birdstrike.hm
  3. CoGa

    ERROR ID : 257

    Hi, I have a problem with my simulations and when I run it, I have the following problems: ERROR ID : 257 ** ERROR TH GROUP ERROR ID : 257 ** ERROR TH GROUP .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION Could you help me, please? Strike.hm
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