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  1. Pooja S

    Engine run not starting

    Hi In engine file /INTER is empty
  2. Hi moeen Yes its true , since results of static analysis doesn't changes with respect to time ,dynamic results are not available .
  3. Hi You can query the result by click >query> change it nodes>click on nodes > select by set > select set >Add > click apply
  4. Hi moeen click > legend > edit legend >type >dynamic scale
  5. Pooja S

    DAREA constraint

    HI DAREA – Used for force excitation Defines scale (area) factors for dynamic loads. In the example below there is a force excitation along axis. refer the the tutorial from Hypermesh help : OS-T: 1310 Direct Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket for more information.
  6. Pooja S

    Mass Error_Radioss

    Hi Mani kumar When the model is imposed with a time step (/DT/NODA/CST) mass error is monitored. In order to maintain the imposed time step, the solver will add mass to the model and this will be shown as mass error. For a perfectly imposed time step, the mass error should be less than 2-3 percent. Please refer this video which explains about time step and monitoring the .out file: https://altair-2.wistia.com/medias/o0bfml9ah5
  7. Hi You can select by means of block to define block click Tool>create>Blocks
  8. Pooja S

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Andreabb the best is do the 2D mesh on the outer surface with tria elements with good quality and then create the solid mesh for solid mesh refer the pdf https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/HM_TetraMeshintro.pdf
  9. Pooja S

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Andreabb Attached the video clip for your reference , it might help you To create tet elements click on 3D> tetramesh Tetra_Mesh.mp4.de6aea3508e090178376dad39307de39.mp4
  10. Pooja S

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Andreabb Please share the model
  11. Pooja S

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Andreabb Tet collapse defines the height of tetra elements , can be set as shown in the below image
  12. Pooja S

    Meshing complex STL file

    Hi Andreabb set minimum tet collapse value and generate the mesh
  13. Pooja S

    Drop Test On Impact Atteunator

    Hi Yashh Gaikwad The below link might help you: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/1-impact-analysis-set-up-for-radioss-in-20mins/
  14. Pooja S

    Type 7 & 24 contact

    Hi Mani kumar can you please Share the model you can use secure file drop link
  15. Pooja S

    Radioss Restart procedure

    Hi Mani kumar For restart you need to define another engine file and you have to use new engine file to run the analysis