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  1. Hi Nitin jaiswal You can create the weld by 1D>connection >Seam click on H for more information on the same go though the page no 179-181 form ebook , the link for the same is given below https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-practical-aspects-of-finite-element-simulation-a-study-guide/
  2. Hi Please go through the attached document HM_TetraMeshintro.pdf
  3. Hi Julio Its a point you can delete by click > F2> Points> Select by any option > delete
  4. Hi NileshTakarkhede Find the attached img click >Axes>select the format as per your requirement
  5. Hi If you want to convert from one solver to another the recommended method is click on Tools> Convert> Abaqus> respective solver ,The card image for all entity will change as per the solver
  6. Hi Please find the attached file Tetra_1.mp4
  7. Hi Please explain the requirement with respect to image displayed
  8. Hi 0000.out is the file which gives the summary of the FE model created (property, materials, parts, contacts, time step...) and summary of load cases in the form of warnings and/or error messages , please do attach the 0001.rad file to check about the run time , do cross verify the unit system consistency before carry out the run
  9. Hi You need to click on the dest component option to select the destination component list will have all the component which are present in the file
  10. Hi You can move your elements from solidmap component to geometry component by Clicking on > Shift + F11
  11. Hi Extract the faces of shell named component mesh by click on > Tool > faces ,Take only the inner surface of face by deleting or masking the other elements and create the TET mesh by these shell elements for core Find the attached the video clip
  12. Hi Please attach the .0000.out file and correct input file ,The attached model doesn't have SPH elements there are few free edges in the model do correct it Regarding error 668 and 53 go through these post
  13. Hi Gopi This option is present even in 14 version and this option is applicable only if you have some includes files in your model for model with out includes working fine at my end , please do share the model if possible
  14. Hi Gopi T ID Rules is encircled in the below image
  15. Hi You access the TCL scripts from below location https://connect.altair.com/CP/script-list.html
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