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  1. I want to understand in detail because I find them very similar.How one has the edge over the other.
  2. Sir I have sent you Geometry in dropbox or otherwise below. I want the above geometry for aerodynamic simulation purpose but it is showing error please shed some light. Thank you. NEW_VERSION_F-22_gears_up.stp
  3. I am having a significant number of mesh faling while 3d automeshing. Please also make me understand what is the actual meaning of warp angle.I cant get what does it mean when it say splitting of a quad element and taking out normal.
  4. Im attaching the .rad and .out file. fullcar.hm_0000.out fullcar.hm_0000.rad
  5. Thank you Hyperman.I tried with combined load also and it worked. Now I am facing another problem when I run Hyperview it states failed to load .mvw file . At the same time it doesn't creates mvw and mvwhistory files. Thank you. EngineBlock12.hm EngineBlock12.fem
  6. Because when I am running an analysis it is showing an error. Am using Alyair hypermesh 2017.Below I have attached other materials.PLease tell me any mistakes if I have done any while assigning .Many values of Load,Material,Property.To make it runnable. in optistruct EngineBlock12.hm
  7. Does it means a new surface is *overlapping* upon former.
  8. We often need to delete duplicate surfaces but I can't get what is a duplicate surface.
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