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  1. Cnaaaaa

    request tutorial

    Thank you, dear Rahul. It is very useful.
  2. Cnaaaaa

    request tutorial

    Hi friends, I found a tutorial file entitled "ThermoMechanical_Coupling" which is what I need for my project. But, unfortunately, I could not find the HTML or PDF file regarding this tutorial file, in spite of searching altair radioss, hypermesh, and optistruct documentation! Could you please help me how I can find it or attach the tutorial PDF file? Thank you in advance, Cna ThermoMechanical_Coupling.hm
  3. Hi friends, I have a woven composite tube and want to simulate post-forming of this thermoplastic tube at a temperature less than the matrix melting point. Would you please let me know if it is possible in hyper form? or is there any tutorial similar to this work? Thank you in advance, Cna